Originally formed in Montpellier in 1995 by the duo “Patou” Carrie (bass) and Jean-Philippe Freu (guitarist), <<rinôçérôse>> have evolved into a collective formed by various artists and musicians such as guitarists Florian Brinker and Rémi Saboul, drummer Frédéric Pace and singer Bnann (formerly from The Infadels). Their collaborations also led them to work with Mark Gardener (Ride), Jessie Chaton, Nutti Kataja (Dead Combo), Ninja (The Go Team), Dominique Keagan…

Their first concert was held at the Transmusicales de Rennes in December 1996 and launched the beginning of a long international career, always marked by a rich creativity.

Influenced equally by British rock (The Rolling Stones, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream), shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine, Ride) and electronic music (Daft Punk, Morgan Geist), <<rinôçérôse>> work their art as a fanciful patchwork with variable geometry. Their artistic approach earned them the title of electro rock pioneers and opened the doors of International stardom, with the singles “Le Mobilier” (1999) and “Cubicle” (2006). This last song was a global success, being synchronized on the Apple commercials for iPod and iTunes, which put the title in the Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks Charts straight at number 40.</rinôçérôse>

From the Scenic aspect, << rinôçérôse >> invent & renew themselves constantly, advocating sound and visual experimentations and multiplying collaborations. Therefore, in 2009, they created with the Electronic duo Shadow “Futurinô”, their new live concept: the musicians play in a virtual urban environment within an interactive space in which music & images are linked. This controlled artistic process from start to finish allows << rinôçérôse >> to focus on the result and exploit fully their innovative energy.

Today, thanks to their strong experience, << rinôçérôse >> continue to innovate and create: their new title “Fighting the Machine” was chosen for the theme song of the daily entertainment show “Touche Pas A Mon Poste” (W9) on French television, and their forthcoming album Angels & Demons revives themselves with their instrumental roots, funk and electronic of the early days (to be released late 2016 on the London based label Station 5 Ltd).
Always looking for new challenges, << rinôçérôse >> succeeded in 20 years of their career (An anniversary celebrated in September 2015, with an exclusive concert at the Rockstore in Montpellier) to evolve, differentiate themselves and become the cult group that we know today.